Original Mix
Goa Records Music presents Infinity Of Love with their latest track titled Android Original Mix . Goa Records and Boundless Records proudly presents Infinity Of Love with his long awaited debut full length album: The Great Man. Solid and satisfying engineering, coupled with a great attention to detail and refinement, layered with psychedelic foundations and interwoven through and through with melodic and sometimes anthemic goa trance. This well-made addition to the global phenomenon has already achieved legendary status before these exclusive tracks were ever released to the public. Itzik Levi from Gan Yavne Israel is a legendary Goa Dj from the early 90\'s and is a well-known pioneer of the sound that he has cultivated for over 20 years. This immense experience is finally released as his musical production career has taken off from a series of highly successful EPs and singles released on some of the most active and sought after labels. Now this album is a whole new level that is sure to sky rocket into the depths of space, time, and dimensions both macro and micro. All forms blend together in a sacred geometrical pattern that is the infinite heartbeat of the cosmic love presence at the beginning and end of time and space. The

Android Original Mix

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