Avalon River
              Original Mix
Goa Records Music presents Nimue with their latest track titled Avalon River Original Mix . Goa Records presents this special digital album presentation of music from an amazingly talented and fresh new artist from Argentina, Nimue - Hechizos is the creation of Valeria Dose. Valeria has been involved in the electronic music scene in Argentina since 1994 and began her pursuits in producing electronica in 2002. The styles that she produces and performs include Psychedelic Trance, Psy progressive, Progressive Trance, Tech House, Down Tempo, Chillout, Ambient & Meditation music. Hechizo is the second full length artist album from Nimue who also has many various compilation releases though various labels. Nimue Spells\" Progressive Trance album at 140bpm. Included is a fusion of different genres while retaining a main genre. It is a work full of nuances and melodies, atmospheres prepared for the climates dance floor and trying to transport the dancer to a world where dreams come true. It\'s full of musical surprises, rising and falling rhythms within a song, excellent musical bridges blends designed to achieve good performance in any Dj.

Avalon River Original Mix

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