Call Of Nature
              Original Mix
Goa Records Music presents Black Fly, Dr. Frenetik, Futurgenetic with their latest track titled Call Of Nature Original Mix . Goa Records proudly presents a new album from Black Fly called \'Rebolation\'! Rebolation\" is the album debut of Black fly, full of Psychedelic Trance energies, different histories and vibes in each song that it\'s gonna take you in different places and atmospheres following the basslines and melodies, that it\'s gonna keep you dancing. Two and half years took to create this album, collaborations with awesome artist and musicians like Spinney Lainey, Futurgenetic, Dr. Frenetik, Jmmx loop & play, Baillie, also remixes and original tracks, this trip that starts flying from 137 - 147 BPM, it\'s a whole and new adventure.

Call Of Nature Original Mix

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