Dream On
              Original Mix
Goa Records Music presents Step Inside with their latest track titled Dream On Original Mix . Goa Records is more than happy to present you a magical EP from Step Inside called Dream On! Step Inside is a psytrance project that combines the feelings of the melodies and the fury that psy kick and bass can provide you. Chris Louridas inspired from the ages of nitzhonot (uplifting trance), Full On and keep searching new sounds from different genres because music has no \"borders\". Chris also is the second member of the music project \" Kick & Bass\" After many years of playing music at many psy parties, major clubs in Greece and constant studio work, is time to give out his energy through his tracks. His pleasure is to make you feel relief every time you hear his powerful sets and music. So let the journey begin and \"Step Inside\" into his world

Dream On Original Mix

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