New Hope on Earth
Goa Records presents Electit, Miloon with their latest track titled New Hope on Earth. We are proud to present another outstanding EP \'New Hope On Earth\' from Electit! Cedric is involved in the electronic music movement for 10 years. After meeting Jean Michel Jarre at an electronic music contest at the age of 16, he started writing trip-hop and electro tracks, while learning sound engineering in a french school. Then he built his home studio and launched his first psytrance project Sychovibes, which is very influenced by morning psytrance bands like Sonic Species, Outsiders or Imaginarium. Member of Terraformers band (Dropland rec) he used to work with Total Eclipse and David Shanti. He has two other projects. The first one called Sychodelicious (Neuromind rec, Geomagnetic rec ) is a night full-on project. The last one called Electit is a progressive trance project (Spiral Trax /Sting /Magma rec ) and now with Miloon a killer percussionist.

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