Old Is Gold
Goa Records presents Travis with their latest track titled Old Is Gold. Travis is back with killer new EP \'Old Is Gold\'! Travis is born in Santiago, Chile on Sept 26, 1981. Start flying with electronic music with some Chicane influence and downtempo synths. In 1999 started to use the IT abilities to use software for creating like Reason using some bases and techno style cuts. In 2001 started to use different applications on the laptop and some vynils parties. In 2003 started to play Psytrance music till today, renewing the technics with some live performances with synths, dynamic sound effects, and midi keyboard. Dark Psychedelic Atmospheres in preference in tracks with glimpses of old school Goa trance. Crazy breaks with all around the world languages, lyrics, and inner messages. The Objective, pretend a colorful journey through psychedelic light and darkness.

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