Psykokinesis, Vol 1 by Wavelogix
Goa Records presents Wavelogix, Nova Fractal, Ascent, Nature, Merlin's Apprentice, Acuaheretik, Atomic Pulse, Mindstorm, Biokinetix, Natural Disorder, Omnivox, Spectral Touch, Sonic Elysium, Mental Control, Ovnimoon, Pragmatix, E-Mantra with their latest track titled Psykokinesis, Vol 1 by Wavelogix. Goa Records present Psykokinesis Volume 1 by Wavelogix a special new compilation series featuring selected favorites of released hits taken from the many Geomagnetic Family labels, and including a dj mix of the tracks. This volume is staring Merlin\'s Apprentice, Acuaheretik, the exclusive new remix by Wavelogix for the classic Atomic Pulse vs MindStorm song Psybernetic, Biokinetix vs Natural Disorder, Omnivox remixed by Nova Fractal, Spectral Touch, Sonic Elysium, Mental Control, and the Ascent & Nature remix for the massive song by Ovnimoon, Pragmatix, E-mantra, and Nova Fractal, Transmutation.

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