Retro Revolution
Goa Records presents Israeli Sphinx, Safi Connection, Cortex feat. Sidhartha, Cortex with their latest track titled Retro Revolution. Goa Records and Boundless Records proudly presents Israeli Sphinx - Retro Revolution, the debut album under this side-project and the 4th full length album released by Assaf Weizmann aka Cortex, aka Antimatter (with Brainbokka) aka Tempo Shrine aka Blanx (Progressive Project) aka Xetroc (Dubstep). Assaf actually started his music career under this project title and when the classic sound of early psytrance made a strong comeback he realized it was time to revive his original vision. The Israeli Sphinx project is reborn and recharged with all the magic of modern musical technology while being deeply infused with the patterns, soundscapes and melodic scales of an earlier era. What makes this album so fresh and different is that these tracks have had the best of many worlds to influence their evolution and the results are plainly evident. Prepare for a lush tour that takes you on a lavish adventure to a mystical time in a forgotten land where the dance floor is full of ecstatic happy revellers communally participating in the divine transformation that comes to each of us at the perfect moment when all things align and your destiny is in full fruition. It\'s time for the Retro Revolution to

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